Pilot Taken Hostage, Here Are Two Video Transcripts As Statements Of Position And One Photo Notification From TPNPB Kodap III Nduga-Derakma

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2.21.2023 | 7:12:00 AM WIB Last Updated 2023-02-24T00:30:47Z
A screenshot of the video that has been widely circulated

TaDahnews.com, Nabire -- The leader of the armed group of the West Papua National Liberation Army or (TPNPB) Regional Defense Command (Kodap) III Ndugama-Derakma, Brigadier General Egianus Kogoya, stated his position directly from the Susi Air plane and from the airport.

The New Zealand national Susi Air pilot, Philip Mark Mehrtens, who was taken hostage by TPNPB led by Egianus Kogoya, is entering his 15th day (going through two weeks) or you could say close to a month, and this media rewrote the contents of the transcripts of two videos that have been widely circulated, and is a statement of attitude from TPNPB Kodap III Nduga-Derakma.
This later proved that the TPNPB was responsible for burning the Susi Air plane with the call sign PK-BVY in Paro District, Nduga Regency, Central Highlands Papua, last Tuesday (7/2/2023). TPNPB also confirmed that they had taken the pilot of the plane as hostage, and invited all interested parties at Freeport Tembagapura Mimika to open their eyes and stop! Cooperate with Indonesia. Because, as reported in other media related to the response of the TPNPB National Commission or the TPNPB Spokesman, he assessed the situation and conditions that were created during Indonesia's occupation of the Land of Papua that the people of Papua were increasingly depleted of their homeland and their natural wealth was taken without any resolution. unresolved turmoil.

Following are the points of the Statement of the Position of the TPNPB Kodap III Ndugama-Deragma Armed Group through a widely circulated video by Brigadier General Egianus Kogoya, which was compiled by tadahTV:

1. We (TPNPB) Hostage Pilots are not for eating, drinking.
2. Not for other Programs.
3. Not for Pemekaran (New Autonomous Region), and others are not.
4. We (TPNPB) are hostage pilots because we only want independence.
5. Operational Area of Kodap III Ndugama-Deragma in 32 Districts, I (Egianus Kogoya) will take this Pilot around these 32 Districts. However, not in refugee camps for civilians.
6. I (Egianus Kogoya) will bring this pilot on and off until I release Papua Merdeka.
7. We (TPNPB) Hostage Pilots are only for Free Papua, we don't ask for anything else.
8. The state (countries) must point to Indonesia for an independent Papua.
9. The country (countries) should not be silent for this Free Papua.
10. The country (countries) must help us for an independent Papua.
11. The state (countries) may not continue to cooperate with Indonesia.
12. All countries work at Freeport so, all (countries) cooperate with Indonesia in the end Papua is half dead for independence, fighting on until Papua is finished. So, we are hostages of this person (New Zealand pilot) because, Papua must be independent.

In addition to the 12 points above from Video 1. While in Video 2, the transcripts compiled by this media are as follows:
1. Only my new Key of Independence (Brigjen Egianus Kogoya) will take off the Pilot. I (Brigjen Egianus Kogoya) will leave this pilot with Papua Lepas. So, the state must admit that don't be trivial, yes, so the Indonesian state must admit that Free Papua is not for eating, drinking.
2. I (Brigjen Egianus Kogoya) will take the pilot until Papua must be independent.
3. I (Brigjen Egianus Kogoya) will bring the pilot in a safe condition.
4. Indonesia may not scatter weapons from the air or land.
5. The pilot with me (Brigjen Egianus Kogoya) will still be safe.

In addition to the two videos that are widely circulated, there is one photo circulating, which seems to have been edited, the contents of which are the attitude of Brigadier General Egianus Kogoya as the Leader of Kodap III Ndugama-Deragma, TPNPB, inviting (notification) to Unite Armed Groups in the Land of Papua.
A photo that has been transcribed into the writing in this news

"Notified to all Kodap in the Territory of West Papua, immediately! Start the war, as long as Indonesian terrorists are looking for Pailot Susi Air in the Jungle of Nduga, don't leave us alone. The people of Papua and the Prayer Network please pray for us," quoted from the writing in the photo. That.(*)

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  • Pilot Taken Hostage, Here Are Two Video Transcripts As Statements Of Position And One Photo Notification From TPNPB Kodap III Nduga-Derakma


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